Download WhatsApp Plus APK v20.40.1 (Updated Version Sept 2022)

Download WhatsApp Plus APK v20.40.1 (Updated Version May 2022)

If there’s an app that should be on every smartphone user’s telephone, download WhatsApp Plus APK v20.40.1 (Updated Version September 2022).

It has destroyed the chatting, voice, and video calling applications and is one of the multiple downloaded apps ever.

Certainly, with a title like that, it’s no wonder that countless APKs, like WhatsApp Plus, and third-party apps are trying to ride on its coattail.

In this article, I’ll be offering you the latest version and some tips and tricks, nevertheless, before that, I invite you to visit SX Projects for other mods that strength interest you.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is an authorized APK version of WhatsApp, nearly as famous as GBWhatsApp. It’s used by millions who feel too limited by the original application.

WhatsApp Plus helps you customize the normally boring WhatsApp, giving you the freedom to phrase with it. It is primarily aimed at the people who install it just to say that they’re on something viral.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK v20.40.1 (Updated Version May 2022)
Download WhatsApp Plus APK v20.40.1 (Updated Version May 2022)

Besides, WhatsApp Plus is an excellent app for numerous accounts, hiding online status and blue ticks for your committed needs. You can use it to engrave your friends with different custom-built options, high-quality image downloading, and better. Here, you can also cover your writing status, specifically if you have no idea how to react to a text.

WhatsApp Plus APK Developers:

In 2012, Rafalete has discovered WhatsApp Plus APK. It is one of the most famous modified WhatsApp versions after GBWhatsApp. If you wonder how to download and install WhatsApp plus the latest version for android, then here’s the answer to it. Download the app from the below link.

Apart from the Rafale, two more developers, HeyMods and AlexMods have differently formed their versions of WhatsApp Plus. mods have the updated version of WhatsApp Plus. This version is much like the one made by Rafale.

The updated version has identical features to the Rafalete version. Nevertheless, this HeyMods version arrives with an additional resource. This recourse is needed to get access to the APK after downloading it.

It takes more area than the Rafalete version. We suggest the Rafalete version instead of the HeyMods or AlexMods version. In the matter of AlexMods, the APK isn’t updated. Furthermore, the App does not work properly on a variety of Android devices. They removed a bug fixing update yet, it still gets stuck during the installation procedure.

You can obtain the WhatsApp Plus APK download links below.

WhatsApp Plus APK Download: (Editor’s choice)

App NameWhatsApp Plus APK
VersionLatest Version (v20.40.1)
Size51.8 MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0 and up
Last updated1 day ago

WhatsApp Plus APK Download By HeyMods:

Review the box below for WhatsApp Plus download. The updated version is given below. Once you download the APK, make sure to download the additional help from unknown help to create the APK work on your device.

HeyMods Latest WhatsApp Plus Latest Version (updated) – feature

  • Base updated
  • Dark/light theme
  • DIY theme
  • Add up to 8 people in a group call
  • Hide privacy terms and chats

WhatsApp Plus APK Download By AlexMods:

AlexMods’s version arrives in a Zip file. To obtain this APK you need to download the zip file, extract the APK and start the installation procedure. Get the download link below,

AlexMods Latest WhatsApp Plus Latest Version (updated) – feature

  • Base updated
  • Custom theme
  • Dark theme
  • Fixes Bugs

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Download WhatsApp Plus APK Previous Versions:

WhatsApp Plus APK V20.30.1WhatsApp Plus APK V20.30.0
WhatsApp Plus APK V20.20.0WhatsApp Plus APK V20.10.0
WhatsApp Plus APK V20.00.0WhatsApp Plus APK V19.60.1

WhatsApp Plus feature overview

Almost everybody thinks that this messenger has some characteristics that could be improved remarkably and that’s exactly what this APK plans to do. Therefore, this is the list of features with which you can extend the growth of the original software:

  • Customize the interface, wallpaper, and fonts to your possed concepts
  • Send large audio and video files.
  • Download or send pictures of actual quality.
  • QuickShare functions.
  • Partial copy and paste: Select the message you want to copy and paste and send it to the post
  • Hide profile picture.
  • Review connection times and status messages from the talk screen.
  • Structure of various topics.
  • Check out WhatsApp plus! allows you to change WA colors, and themes, save status, hide last seen, and has a call blocker! download from: WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus: a detailed list of features:

If you are nevertheless not satisfied with the outline of features, then let me show you a checklist of what WhatsApp Plus can do for you.


  • Hide your online status
  • Hide your opinion status
  • Hide blue ticks and second ticks
  • Hide comment status
  • Hide Blue Microphone
  • Hide your recording
  • Enable/disable anti-revoke

Plus settings

  • Sticker sets download from GB PLUS
  • Stickers maker
  • Cleanser
  • Wallpapers from GB PLUS
  • Auto-reply article 
  • Get bunches of themes
  • Get lots of fonts
  • Customize conversation screen
  • Tailor-make chats screen
  • Customize notification popup
  • Customize gadgets
  • Sharing video capacity up to 50 MB
  • Sharing audio sizes up to 100 MB
  • Sharing pristine images
  • Sharing original quality images
  • Sharing video status lasting than 30 seconds up to 7 minutes
  • Lock WhatsApp plus
  • See records and activity
  • You can take a full backup and restore it in either version of WA MOD

Available settings:

  • Restart WhatsApp Plus
  • Message Scheduler
  • DND Mode
  • Formatting chats for Privacy, Notifications, Media auto-download

Benefits of using WhatsApp Plus:

Nevertheless, the WhatsApp Plus application is free to download it’s not the authorized version. It conveys the exact license as WhatsApp, so you can install it without uninstalling the original. Nevertheless, you should know the distinctions between WhatsApp Plus and download it. Listed below are some of the advantages of the WhatsApp+ application. Read on to find out more. This app lets you customize your messages, themes, and source settings.

Hide online status: If you want to just stalk people or just scan WhatsApp without anybody noticing you online, this feature is best for you! A common feature of most WhatsApp APKs is the choice to hide your web existence status for those days you just don’t want to speak to people.

Hide blue ticks: In WhatsApp, users get different levels of ticks; one tick-tock when your message is sent, dual ticks when your message is passed, and double-blue ticks when seen. With this feature, you can save the fact you’ve seen another user’s message and is quite useful for ghosting others.

Writing status: When you write a message, the app offers different dots to indicate you’re typing to the other person. With this trait, you can hide that fact if you don’t know what to reply to. You can type and obliterate as multiple replies without showing you’ve meant attempting to reply for a comprehensive quantity of time.

Recording status: Alike writing status, you can hide your embarrassingly long thinking time when reacting with the recording studio.

Sticker Packs: You can gain cool stickers that permit you to fly to your friends from the website. Keep yourself restored on the trending stickers so you always have the latest cool wallpapers. You can also create your sticker packs if you don’t find whatever you like, and all you have to do is download the sticker writer from the site.

Cleaner: Because a smartphone’s storage isn’t unlimited, you’re will require a way to clear old chats and other outside records that take up space. With this cleaner, you don’t have to personally delete messages as the cleaner does it for you.

Wallpapers: Of way, customization won’t be finished without wallpapers. From our site, you can get all the wallpapers you strength want.

Auto-reply: Auto-reply is a feature available in the WhatsApp Business app, but can’t be found in the normal WhatsApp app. That’s where WhatsApp Plus comes in. The latest version provides you the chance to set automated responses when you’re too exhausted to type by yourself.

Themes: An unusual feature in WhatsApp APKs are motifs. With themes, you can customize your WhatsApp interface to your liking. You find are lots of themes developed by fellow users, and you will create your own.

Customization: You can not only have wallpapers and ideas, but you can edit the headers, chat screen, and the main body to suit your goods. Outdoors the chatting, you can tailor-make the notice messages and even the widgets.

Sharing: A weakness of the original WhatsApp app is the sharing feature. You can simply share short videos and small megabytes of video and audio. Even worse, when you download an image, you don’t get the actual quality, just enter WhatsApp Plus, permitting you to share videos longer than 30 flashes and supports up to 7 minutes. You can transfer 50 MB of films and100 MB of audio, and most useful of all, keep the actual nature of images.

Security: If you want better privacy, you’d want to guard your WhatsApp, right? Except you can’t do that because WhatsApp doesn’t own that feature, but WhatsApp Plus does. You don’t require a third-party application for it, as WhatsApp Plus offers you more security than the first, demanding a password before you can open the app itself.

Records and history: If you’re a particular person who likes to keep a trail of your activities, this feature is perfect. You can track your chart and history because this feature records your actions including when you wide and close the app. 

Fonts and style: This Whatsapp Mod holds a variety of fonts that come with amazing styles, sizes, and shapes. I am sure you would love to try them. Are you tired of the same old boring font of WhatsApp? Well, hold onto your horses because WhatsApp Plus offers fonts of every kind. Do you like to show your inactivity and quirkiness through fonts? Go and use Comics Sans. Do you want to be cute? There must be a cookie type or writing style font someplace. It is perfect for even more custom-made, expressing yourself through fonts.


WhatsApp Plus is a wonderful way to stay attached to the people you love. You can send and accept messages as often as you wish, with no issue where you are. This new component also creates it easy to schedule auto-reply messages. The first stage is to download the latest version from the authorized website. Then, you’ll require to install it on your phone. Once installed, you’ll require to turn on the feature in your phone’s settings to get begun.

Now, you know about the model of the best WhatsApp APKs and how to download and use them. I’m cheerful you’ll enjoy the new features thoroughly, particularly the custom-made part. 

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