Instructions to Log out From WhatsApp On Android Phone

Instructions to Log out From WhatsApp On Android Phone

Log out From WhatsApp On Android Phone is the grasp hand application that lets you leave WhatsApp without a web network where all various uses of your gadget work identically with the web.

Hindering Access to the Web can Help:

  • Reduce your data use
  • Spare your battery
  • Increase your security
  • Assume Command Over Your Mobile Apps
  • Effectively Allow/Block App Connectivity
  • Block establishment application development
  • Be Notified When New Apps Admission the Internet
  • Block Adult Websites


  • Android firewall affirmation with NO ROOT REQUIRED!!
  • No following or examination
  • Effectively made and supported
  • Android 5.1 and later supported
  • IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP supported
  • Tying supported
  • Numerous device clients reinforced
  • Alternatively, license while screening on
  • Alternatively square while wandering
  • Alternatively square structure applications

Programmed dispatch of device startup

  • Naturally recognizes applications at present presented on your cell
  • Distinguishes and Notifies when as of late acquainted applications get with the Web
  • Set Allow/Block, on an individual application thought
  • Handicap establishment activity for picked applications


Material construction subject with light and faint theme
Log all agreeable traffic; request and channel access attempts; convey PCAP reports to separate traffic
Permit/square individual areas per application
New application admonitions; plan InternetGuard authentically from the notification
Show framework speed graph in a status bar cautioning

Professional Highlights:

Log all genial traffic; chase and channel access attempts; exchange PCAP records to research traffic
Permit/square individual areas per application
The new application sees; organizes NetGuard genuinely from the advance notice
Show framework speed graph in a status bar notice
Select from an additional five points together light and cloudy unique
It’s a trickiness. InternetGuard uses your contraption’s VPN pack to make a firewall. As every datum parcel sent or developed by your solicitations goes completed the VPN, all the forthcoming and dynamic data traffic gets able to InternetGuard.

The incredible part, in any case, is that InternetGuard presently goes with its Data Usage feature which empowers you to really take a look at data use for every application. To see the use, pick Data Usage from the home screen.

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