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What is a social media benchmark?

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How do the “right” wide variety of engagements to expect in your social posts? Is one hundred likes plenty or a little? The solution is, that it relies upon.

That’s in which social media benchmarks are available. This enterprise-precise information tracks the norms or averages for particular metrics like social media engagement and follower boom. It gives you a know-how of how companies just like yours are doing — and a higher feel of what those a hundred likes without a doubt imply.

Hold analyzing to analyze extra about the process of social media benchmarking. This post includes up-to-date (Q3 2023) benchmarks for key industries that will help you apprehend how your social effects stack up properly now.

What is a social media benchmark?

A social media benchmark is a median result that serves as a trend by how different companies in the same enterprise or class may be measured or judged. The benchmark is largely the norm for social media marketing success. Think of it as the level of social media performance all organizations within a class must try and reach or exceed.

Social media benchmarks are essential due to the fact they provide context to your social media KPIs. There’s always a fee to monitoring your personal social media metrics and increases through the years, even in isolation. However when you area that statistics in the context of the bigger enterprise photograph, you can better apprehend where there are real opportunities for improvement.

You may also use benchmarks to set practical desires and expectations. Some industries (like leisure) will through nature have greater reach than others (like fitness care). Whilst you know what’s “regular” in your industry, you can set reasonable milestones that allow you to obtain actual increases without burning out your social group.

How to find social media benchmarks

Manually compiling dependable social media benchmarks through enterprise can involve several very finicky and frustrating research.

Thankfully, Hootsuite Analytics has an integrated social media benchmarking device that allows you to examine the overall performance of your social debts towards the common of brands to your enterprise with simply more than one click.

To get entry to this new function, head to Analytics inside your Hootsuite dashboard. Underneath Benchmarking in the the left menu, click on industry, then click on Select your industry and choose the maximum relevant option from the drop-down menu.

Now you may see how your consequences evaluate common overall performance stats inside your industry. You could install custom timeframes, switch between networks — Instagram, FB, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, and TikTok — and appearance up benchmarks for the following metrics:

  • Profile impressions
  • Profile reach
  • Followers
  • Audience growth rate
  • Engagement rate
  • Video plays
  • Posting frequency
  • Clicks
  • Shares

And, in case you need to present your outcomes to your team, boss, or different stakeholders, you may without difficulty download your comparison file as a PDF document. 

Q3 2023 social media benchmarks by industry

Let’s study a snapshot of a number of the most vital social media benchmarking data from Q3 2023. We have cognizance right here on 4 key metrics:

  • Page/profile impressions: The wide variety of instances of content material from or approximately your profile or web page seems on someone’s screen. Note that this range isn’t always the same as attained. Reach indicates the variety of accounts that see your content material. Impressions will usually be higher because one account might view your content multiple times.
  • Target audience boom price: instead of a simple count of recent fans, this is a degree of the way your audience is growing (or shrinking) as a percent of your existing followers.
  • Put up engagement price: overall engagements (likes, feedback, saves, shares) divided through your overall target market, expressed as a percent.
  • Posting frequency: The common number of posts shared in line with the day.

Mixed, those benchmarks provide you with an excellent feel of the way your social accounts stack up towards the opposition in phrases of both output and performance.

It’s important to evaluate like with like, so we’ve furnished separate social media benchmarks for Facebook and Instagram in each category. The impressions numbers are based totally on a 30-day length.

Social media benchmarks in education

  • Monthly fb page impressions: 351,000
  • Month-to-month Facebook target market growth price: -1.32%
  • Fb publish engagement fee: 1.6%
  • Facebook posting frequency: zero.Forty-nine posts/day
  • Month-to-month Instagram profile impressions: 327,000
  • Monthly Instagram target market increase charge: -1.24%
  • Instagram put up an engagement fee: of three.15%
  • Instagram posting frequency: zero.Ninety-eight posts/day

Social media benchmarks in entertainment and media

  • Month-to-month Facebook page impressions: 2 million
  • Month-to-month FB target audience boom rate: -3.39%
  • Facebook put up an engagement price: of 1.08%
  • Facebook posting frequency: 1.89 posts/day
  • Monthly Instagram profile impressions: 1.2 million
  • Month-to-month Instagram target audience growth rate: -five.01%
  • Instagram post engagement rate: 1.6%
  • Instagram posting frequency: 1.24 posts/day

Monetary offerings

  • Month-to-month Facebook web page impressions: 296,000
  • Month-to-month FB target audience increase fee: -2.6%
  • FB post engagement rate: zero.Ninety five%
  • Facebook posting frequency: zero.25 posts/day
  • Month-to-month Instagram profile impressions: 209,000
  • Month-to-month Instagram target audience boom price: -0.Forty two%
  • Instagram publish engagement charge: 1.Eight%
  • Instagram posting frequency: zero.38 posts/day

Social media benchmarks in meals and beverage

  • Monthly Facebook page impressions: 485,000
  • Month-to-month FB target audience growth rate: -1.41%
  • Fb engagement rate according to post: zero.7%
  • Facebook posting frequency: 0.26 posts/day
  • Month-to-month Instagram profile impressions: 373,000
  • Month-to-month Instagram audience increase rate: -2.06%
  • Instagram post engagement charge: 1.47%
  • Instagram posting frequency: 0.86 posts/day


Nevertheless, have questions? We’ve answered.

How are social media benchmarks measured?

Social media benchmarks measure the common performance within your industry. This involves tracking a huge variety of relevant social bills to apprehend what’s regular within your field.

Once you apprehend the enterprise’s common performance, you can evaluate your own social consequences to calculate whether or not you are overperforming, underperforming, or properly on the right track.

For Hootsuite’s benchmarking, we accumulate and anonymously compile facts from social debts connected to Hootsuite, grouped with the aid of industry and social community. Every benchmark is based on at least a hundred social debts, and no statistics can be traced back to any character account.

What is a superb reach rate on social media?

As you may see from the sample industry benchmarks above, the attained price that’s taken into consideration “proper” varies extensively by using enterprise and social platforms.

As an instance, the profile impressions in our benchmarks above range from an excessive 1.8 million for leisure and media Facebook pages to a low of 21,000 for real estate Instagram profiles.

That is why it’s so important to benchmark your metrics against relevant businesses, instead of the usage of common attain and engagement numbers at the entire.

What are the four styles of benchmarks?

The four principal varieties of benchmarks are:

Inner: comparing metrics or social media achievement among one-of-a-kind departments within your organization.
External: comparing your metrics with those of other businesses in your industry.
Overall performance: studying your personal metrics and KPIs to set desires and notice traits to your outcomes through the years.
Practice: Read how your methods stack up against industry first-rate practices to search for methods to improve your work methods.
In this publication, we’re centered on outside and performance benchmarks, as those are the forms of information revealed through social media benchmarking.

Internal and practice benchmarks are focused inward and require qualitative (that is, no longer numerical or quantitative) records.

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