Touch Lock Screen with Taleemghr

With this app, you can now block touch on the screen to avoid disliked touches. Touch Lock Screen with Taleemghr,Here you can block your screen when watching a movie, showing something to someone, or playing a video for children.

It’s good when you are listening to music on streaming platforms that don’t support playback while the screen is off. You just place your phone in a pocket and don’t worry about disliked touches. You can block your screen at any time by clicking on a notification.

Touch Lock Screen – Block screen touch app with taleemghr

• Block touch on the screen

• Block hardware (Home, Back, Recent) buttons

• Block volume buttons

• Play videos without accidental touches

• Keep screen turned on with blocked screen

• Unblock with volume keys

• Block screen on proximity

• Automatically unblock on an incoming phone call

• Automatically start the application on boot.

Here Your Touch Lock Screen download below


If you cant understand the settings of this app kindly click on this link


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